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git push -m "I'm learning!"

git push -m "I'm learning!"

You're not expanding your knowledge.

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Sam Oliver
·Jun 23, 2022·

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If you've clicked on this: you probably know deep down that I'm not wrong.

You got into coding a while ago now. You're feeling good about what you know. I mean, you use Google a lot but who doesn't?

And you're not wrong, you know? You are getting better! We all use Google! However, you're not really stepping out of your comfort zone anymore.

Maybe you've gotten into web development with React. You feel you've got a hold on JS, CSS and HTML and are unstoppable. But it's time to spice things up a bit, man.

If you keep doing the same stuff in the same language for the same purposes, then you're not going to absorb any new knowledge and you're going to find yourself staying away from new, interesting technology because you feel like you know enough.

Take a leap! You know React? Try Svelte. You like Python? Give Java a go!

You don't need to use this stuff all the time! Just take some time to try it. Give it a chance. You might love it, you might hate it. You might even love it but never need to use it.

But knowing it's there and knowing how it works? That's useful and powerful. You've broadened your horizons and you've tried something new.

Try it out. You'll feel better afterwards.

"Existence is what you make it" - repourgit

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